Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December 12, 2012 Oncologist visit

I have had a very stressful week. I really don't expect anyone to get it except other survivors but here it is. Extended time between checks is awesome and exciting. It is however also very stressful! Especially the last week before visit.  No matter how symptom free you are and no matter how well you feel the doubts creep in. I do my absolute best to keep my faith and keep my sanity but it is hard! I was dealing pretty well considering. I saw my counselor on Monday. That helps a lot. Yesterday I kept way busy and for some reason was much calmer. That calmness carried through to this morning. The calmness carried on till I brushed my teeth and looked in the mirror. That is when I noticed I had a surface hemorrhage in my left eye. It sent me in a down word spiral freak out! To those who don't know my retinas hemorrhaged before diagnosis and I had many eye surface hemorrhages during treatment. Hence my freak out! I went to  my Oncologist appointment and all my counts are fine and I am doing great! I am trying to recover from today and also not worry about my eye. I will admit is still worries me a bit but at least I know I am still Leukemia free!!

So some amazing news my Oncologist gave me today is what I will end with.  She specializes in Leukemia and just got back from an AML seminar. She said new statistics  are showing that once you reach the 3 year mark (from remission achieved) the chances of relapse are even lower than they had thought. Chance or relapse is  actually very slim. 

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